The Journal of Law & Public Affairs is non-partisan student-run organization that aims to publish thought-provoking articles on contemporary federal, state, and local policies. The Journal is produced by students at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and is designed to serve as a research tool for policymakers, practitioners, judges, students, and all interested readers.

Our journal is designed to provide a new forum for rigorous scholarship on public policy topics. As technology moves forward, scholarly legal writing must similarly advance. For the first time, the monetary operating costs associated with the dissemination of legal ideas can be reduced to nothing. The Internet has created both a forum for the free exchange of ideas and the ability for all interested parties to join the discussion. The Journal seeks to set a new, streamlined standard of student-run journals by publishing rigorous academic scholarship that is not only free to the public but also invites the public to engage scholars and policymakers with dynamic online-based discussions.

All articles, notes, and comments submitted to the Journal will be subject to a rigorous editorial process by the Selection Committee. Volume I of the Journal included articles from:

  • Former Senator Saxby Chambliss
  • Harvard Professor Stephen Goldsmith
  • American Lawyer and Writer Philip K. Howard
  • European Scholar and Professor Dr. Anne Meuwese

The Journal has also engaged in seminar and symposium presentations by:

  • S. Congressman Hank Johnson
  • Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell
  • Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed
  • Dekalb County Police Chief Dr. Cedric Alexander
  • Democratic National Convention Press Secretary Lee Whack
  • Philadelphia City Solicitor Shelley Smith
  • Mychael Julianne Bond (granddaughter of the late Julian Bond)

For 2016-2017, the Journal selected “Achieving Equality and the Role of the Government” as our overarching theme. Both our seminar and volume will be foused on  this theme and provide a unique insight on different facets of the  topic. 

Membership on the Journal is open to second- and third-year law students via  application. University of Pennsylvania Law School students who are interested in joining the Journal must submit applications at the end of their first  year. First- and second-year law students may also apply to certain board positions for their second and third  year. 

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Editor Spotlight

William Lee, a third year student at Penn Law, currently serves as the Senior Executive Editor of the Journal of Law & Public Affairs. Ater graduation, he will join Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati LLP.

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